Sara Cole Studios

About the Artist

I am a life-long lover of dolls and paper dolls, and Hitty is my particular passion. I read Hitty, Her First Hundred Years along with my Mom's doll magazines as a child, and I was always fascinated by stories and pictures of old-fashioned wooden dolls. When I discovered Hitty on-line in 1999 while doing research to create a "Hitty" paper doll, I was amazed and thrilled at the small Hitty community I found! I was inspired to carve a jointed wooden character doll for my Mom that summer of 1999, but I felt that Hitty was too costly of a hobby for me to get involved in, and doubted my ability to carve a Hitty myself. It was another year before I attempted my first wooden Hitty, Hitty Maggie. Since then, I have created many Hittys, while doing everything I can to encourage other doll, miniature, and Hitty fans to get involved with Hitty. You really can make your own!

In addition to Sara Cole Studios, dedicated to my artwork and sales, I am also webmaster of, The Hitty Research Pages, and The Practical Hitty at is dedicated to providing Hitty news, information, and research, and The Practical Hitty exists to provide free tutorials, patterns, and inspiration for creating Hitty, Her Friends, and her miniature world in your home! Practical Hitty also offers free, printable Hitty Paper Doll artwork.

(c) 2006 by Sara DeGroat Cole