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Sara DeGroat Cole's Fall, 2006 Carved Hitty Group

Welcome to our Archive Gallery!
The eleven Hittys pictured above in their carving group photo were created between September and December, 2006. Most of these dolls are basswood, but they have one little White Ash bitty sister. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a doll, or visit my Sales Page to see all the dolls I currently have for sale. You can also visit my purchasing page for information about future dolls, or to sign up for my new doll emailing list. Thanks for your visit!

All Dolls on this page have gone to their new homes.

6.25-inch, Traditional Hittys

Basswood Hitty A
Basswood Hitty B
Basswood Hitty C
Basswood Hitty G

2.75-inch, Tiny Hittys

Basswood Hitty D
Basswood Hitty E
Basswood Hitty F

Special Order Bittys
White Ash Wood Bitty
Basswood Bitty

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