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Carve your Own Hitty!

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Have you been searching for just the right Hitty carving blank? Sara Cole Blanks are for you! I have been working on my carving blanks since 2001, perfecting my designs and techniques, and I am finally satisfied that my blanks are 'up to scratch.' These are exactly the same blanks I use in my own doll carving. They aren't entirely based on the original Hitty's measurements, but are instead made from the patterns used for my own signature style dolls. After tracing, measuring, drilling, and sawing each group of blanks from high quality wood, I have fitted together each doll and inspected her for balanced measurements, shapely matching limbs, wood color and quality, and the workings of her joints. The blanks are all cut from the same patterns, but individual blanks can vary after the finishing work to make sure everything is just right.

The bandsawing is done with a narrow scrolling blade, and I think you will find each blank has the same delicate curves as my finished dolls.


4.25-inch - By popular request, I am now offering bitty blanks in various wood types. Medium- and hard-wood bittys are also now available with peg jointing! Bittys are made from the same pattern as basswood bitty blanks and all types are currently available at the same price. Some woods will continue to be available while I have others in limited quantities. Available wood types can be viewed here
$25 + shipping

Bitty sized 4.25-inch Basswood Hitty Blank
These small carving blanks have the same beautiful shape and style and the same high quality as their bigger sisters. Bitty blanks are drilled at 1/16-inch for elastic jointing. Bittys' feet are attached to their legs, and are nicely shaped out.

4.25-inch Basswood Hitty Blank with T-Jointed Hips
Bitty blanks are made with t-jointed hips. Their legs already fit in the sockets, with full rotation, and their arms swing clear of their hips and hair. They will arrive fitted together with toothpicks which can be useful during carving but should not be used for the final jointing.

$25 + shipping

Full/Traditional 6.25-inch Basswood Hitty Blank
Full-size Hitty blanks are the most sought after, but it can be difficult to find them with traditional, tandem-style peg jointing. My full size blanks are drilled for 3/16-inch pegs, and come pre-fitted with 3/16-inch hardwood dowels, which are long enough to joint the blank itself and can be cut down to fit the doll as you carve. Each pair of arms and legs is carefully drilled at precisely the same angle, to tip gently away from the body. The arms are designed to swing clear of the hair on either side, and you can put your doll back together any time as you carve, to make sure the fit is preserved. Full-size Hitty blanks have feet that must be glued into place with a peg, just like the original doll. The feet are cut with the profile shape of Hitty's foot, and are predrilled and fitted to the legs with square pegs, which leave a nice space for glue.

Full-size Pegged Basswood Hitty Blank with T-Jointed Hips
Except when it's very important to create a Hitty with traditional v-shaped hip carving, I recommend a blank with t-jointed hips. Many experienced carvers prefer these over the tricky v-shape. T-jointed Hitty's legs can be glued to her peg in the traditional way, move in tandem, and work identically to the Original Hitty's jointing. Once the doll is dressed they appear just the same. The difference is that with t-joints it is easier to create strong joints with narrower hips, allowing Hitty's hands to swing clear of her hips on either side. In fact, T-jointing is so much easier, the jointing can be done on the saw, and I have done it for you! Blanks with t-jointed hips come with legs that already fit in the sockets, with full rotation, and arms that swing clear of the hips!

$35 + shipping


Full-size Pegged Basswood Hitty Blank with V-Jointed Hips
Many carvers like to try to match the Original Hitty's features as much as they can, at least on some carvings. That's why I'm also offering the Full-sized basswood blank with v-shaped hips! This blank is recommended for more experienced carvers, since it requires some skill and finesse to carve v-shaped hips with a nice fit. The arms on this blank are just the same as above, and will swing clear of Hitty's hair, but the hips joints are NOT finished. The legs are cut to match up to the v-shaped body a little, but the rest is up to you. When Hitty arrives her legs will be fitted to the body on an extra-long peg, and must be designed, carved, and fitted to make them narrower than the arms' rotation. It's worth noting that the Original Hitty's arms do not swing past her thighs, which are widely spaced.
$35 + shipping

Bulk Order Discounts: Any order of three or more blanks receives a 10% discount, plus free shipping!

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And Good Luck on your Carving!

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